New route to Zobor monastery

The route of tourist train will be extended by a new stop at Zobor monastery from 1st septemeber 2018. Zobor monastery is situated nearby Zobor hospital.

Simplified route of the long circuit:

Svätoplukovo námestie » Wilsonovo nábrežie » Dobšinského ulica » Chmeľová dolina » Kláštorská ulica » Zoborský kláštor (ZOBOR MONASTERY) » Dolnozoborská ulica » Parkové nábrežie » City park Sihoť » Župné námestie »  Kupecká ulica » Svätoplukovo námestie

Train stops: Svätoplukovo námestie, Zoborský kláštor, City park Sihoť.

If you interrupt your journey at Zobor monastery, you can return back to the town by walking through beautiful Zobor paths or take a city bus from the nearby bus stop Zobor, nemocnica/hospital (buses 1,9,25).

If you decide to interrupt your journey in City park Sihoť, you can continue with the next trip (with the valid ticket and if seats are available).

Departures of the long circuit:
Svätoplukovo námestie 14:00
Zoborský kláštor (bus stop Zobor, nemocnica/hospital) 14:20
City park Sihoť 14:30
Svätoplukovo námestie 14:35 (arrival)

The long circuit is in operation only in September during weekends at 14:00.

Days of operation: 1.9, 2.9., 8.9., 9.9., 15.9., 16.9., 22.9., 23.9., 29.9., 30.9.2018

The tourist train does not stop at the stop Castle during the long cicuit. There are same prices valid as for the short circuit – 2,00 € basic and 1,00 € discounted.